manavini vinuma

raagam :  jayanarayani

arohanam : S  R G m P D N S

avarohanam :  S N D P m G R S

taalam :  aadi catusra  tripata  taalam


manavini vinuma marava  samayama


kanugona kori duskalpana  maniti

kanikaramuna  ninu  badutsunna  na

charanam :

parulaku hitamagu  bhavana gani

ceratsu margamulanu cintimpalenu

paramadayakara  bhaktamanohara

dharadhipa  kararccita  tyagaraju

meaning by guru  padma varadan garu:

” I have  thirsted for a vision  of you . To this effect i eschewed unholy thoughts,I have engaged  myself insinging  your glory alla my walking hours . I have never schemed  against others. I have always wished well of  those around me .The ocean of mercy that thou art ,the lord of the earth that you are born as  and one  whom i ever worship with folded hands , please hearken   to my pleas  here and now. Who is there to stop  your acts of grace ?”


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