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raagam :  manohari

taalam : catusra  rupaka   taalam


paritapamu  gani  yadina palukulu  maracitivo  na


sari leni  sitato sarayu  madhyambuna na

charanam :

varamagu bangaru vodanu  merayucu pati putalapai

karuninceda nanucu  gri ganulu tyagarajuni

meaning by guru padma varadan  garu:

“Have you forgotten the observations you made  over my pitiful state? have you  forgotten the promise you made, when you just  glanced at me, as you serenaded in the golden boat with  incomparable  sita  by your side,that you were  redeeming me in ten days?”


raga sudharasa

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raagam :   mayuradhvani

taalam : adi  catusra  triputa  taalam


raga  sudharasa  panamu jesi

ranjillave  o manasa


yaga yoga  tyaga  bhoga  phala mosange

charanam :

sadasiva  mayamagu  nadonkara svara

vidulu jivanmuktulani  tyagaraju teliyu

meaning  by guru  padma  varadan  garu :

“O  mind! enlighten yourself about the nature of raga .Practice of  nada yoga or music bestows  you , without  much effort, powers  that otherwise accrue only  through strenuous yogic excersices, sacrifice of comfort or through severe penance.” Tyagaraja  is  aware that music born of  inspiration has primodial  sound OM, reverbrating  through  out the body with the seven notes emanating from Siva. Emancipated souls realise this profound truth     by virtue of their special status.”

ennallu tirigedi

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Raagam : malavasri

mela svaram :  S  R  G   m  P   D  N

arohanam : S G m P N S

avarohanam : S  N  D P m G  S


ennallu tirigedi ennallu


ennarani  dehaletti  i samsara  gahanamandu

pannuga corula  riti  parulanu  egincu(tsu) cu(tsu)nu

charanam 1 :

repati  kutiki  ledani reyu  pagalu  vesanamandi

sripati pujala  maraci  jesinatti varivale  ne

charanam 2 :

uppu karpuramu  varuku  uncavrttice  narjinci

meppulaku pottanimpi  meme  peddala  manucu(tsu)

charanam 3:

bharamanu   koni  irugu porugu  bhaksimpa  rammani  piluva

amarucu (tsu) ko puja japamu  asayamu  jetunucu(tsu)

charanam 4:

mayendu  yunde  tappulu  nade  delusu  kontivi  gani

baya viduvaka mahanubhava tyagaraja vinuta

meaning by  guru  padma  varadan garu :

“What  times  are  these and  how worthless, only to be  born again & again , to be leading  a  deceitful life, ever  bothered about where the  next  meal would   come  from ; hardly in one’s  senses even  to  offer worship  to god,shameless with  a  begging  bowl  things traditionally forbidden even  to borrow like  salt   and  camphor, and  worse still,feeling self righteous and arrogant about the prediction?overlook my faults and come  to my rescue.”

evarunnaru brova

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raagam :  malavasri

mela  svaram :  S R G m P D N

taalam :  adi catusra  triputa  taalam


evarunnaru brova  inta  tamasa  melanayya


vivarambyga delpavayya  visvesa sri  pancanadisa

charanam :

manasaraga dhyanimpa

manasu niluvalu  marmambu delpu

tanavadani talaci dhariya

mosagu tyagarajanuta

meaning  by  guru  padma varadan  garu :

“Pancanadisa  , who rules the universe! who is there  to protect me but you?Do explain the delay in  heeding to my  entreaty .Pray teach me  the secret of concentration  in meditation .Give me unwavering mind that befits a faithful kin of  yours.”

ranidi radu

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raagam  :  manirangu

kharaharapriya (22) janyam , veda (bhu) chakram

mela  svaram :  S  R  m P N S

arohanam :  S  R  m P N S

avarohanam : S  N  P  m  G  R  S


ranidi radu  surasurulakaina


ponidi podu  bhusurulakaina

charanam :

devendruniki  sudehamu  purva

devulla  kamrtam  abhavame gani

avanacara  badha  lamunulake  gani

pavana  tyagaraja  bhagyama  sri rama

meaning  by guru  padma varadan   garu :

“Good and  bad   things  happen  only  according  to  destiny, no matter  how  good  or bad  the  recepient  is. Not will any fortuitious circumstance  hold out for long unless ordained.How else  could indra have  regained his divine  form  after gautama cursed  him and had  to move  around  with thousand eyes  when his perfidy  vis-a-vis  Ahalya  came  to light ?similarly, evil forces     were denied  the nectar at the  nick of the moment  when the ominous  snake,   vasuki  acted as the churning rod, spewed venom on the  milky ocean  and also  threw up a vessel  with  the nectar  of  immortality .The  latter landed     in the hands of the wily  temptress, mohini, who acted  seemingly  fair but successfully  dogged  the demons and  baulked  them  of  their  share . The renunciates  in the forest, again  were  subject  to  gratutious assaults  from the demons who co inhabited the areas. They had no choice but to helplessly wait fordeliverance  which  ultimately happened at its  own pace and in its time .”

patti viduvaradu na ceyi patti

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raagam : manjari

kharaharapriya (22)  janyam , veda (Bhu)  chakram

mela  svaram :   S  R  G   m   P  D  N

arohanam :  S  G  R  G  m  P   N   D  N S

avarohanam :  S    N   D  P  m  G  R  S


patti  viduvaradu  na  ceyi  patti viduvaradu


puttina  nade  nijabhakthini meda

gatti guttu  cedaraka  broci ceyi

charanam :

nitya  nityamulanu  bodhinci

krtya krtyamulanu  delipinci

pratyekudu  nivani  kanipinci

bhrtyudaina  tyagaraju  ceyi

meaning   by   guru padma  varadan  garu :

“You  took hold  of  my life,blessedme,committed me to unflinching devotion  for youfrom the day iwas born .You  safeguard my honour at every turn .Do not let go  of my hand now.You taught me to discriminate between what is eternal and what is transistent ; between right and wrong . You convinced me that you alone  are the  absolute presence,  complete  from all angles  and foremost  among  all that  is  manifest.Having  accepted me  as  your servant it doesnot  behove  you  to abandon me now.”

ni bhajana gana

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raagam :  nayaki

taalam :  adi catusra  triputa  taalam


Ni  bhajana  gana rasikula  ne  nendu  ganara  rama


sribhava   sarojasanadi  saci  manoramana  vandya  ilalo

charanam :

saguna  nirgunamula  nijamu  dadbaralanu

sanmatamula marma masta  siddhula

vagala  jupa  santa silli  gantini

varanana  tyagaraja  vinuta

meaning  by guru padma  varadan garu :

“One  to  whom  paramasiva  , bramha , indra  and  other  celestials  bow in respect ! i have  not come across many  discriminating  devotees  on this earth who derive immense gratification  merely  worshipping you sincerely and singing only  your praise .I myself would have felt lost  had you not clarified the concepts  of saguna(assigning  form to one’s favoured deity & treating it to ritrualistic worship) and nirguna(viewing  god in  the abstract as formless and  without attributes,through intutive  perceptions and at the metaphysical  level ) the significance  of the various result oriented rituals, of the six different religious persuasions & of the eight different yogic disciplines to bring  body,mind  and breath under control .Still right associations,too are  not superfluous or dispensable.”